The Edge Acquires Another Neat Name: Good Samaritan

In June 2012, some people from San Francisco, California—a father and his son and daughter—who were touring Ireland lost a rucksack that contained their passports. They discovered that it was missing when they arrived at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney; apparently, they had left it behind at the Killiney DART Station. Hotel reception manager Luighsighe Kenny said, “It was their last night in Ireland, and they were supposed to be flying home the next day so the father was panicked.” Fortunately, U2’s The Edge and one of his friends found the rucksack, which had on it a label with the hotel’s address. They sent a message to the hotel and had the rucksack delivered to the Americans. The Edge left in the rucksack a U2 CD that he had signed and a note saying, “Hope your journey ends well.” Ms. Kenny said, “It was amazing because the father was a huge U2 fan and went to see one of their live shows in the ’80s. They didn’t really want to publicise it because The Edge had done it privately, but they said it was such a nice story that they agreed to put their photo on our Facebook page.” A spokesperson for The Edge said, “It definitely wasn’t The Edge who dropped it [the bag] [off at the hotel], but he had someone do it on his behalf. It was a very kind gesture on his part. We don’t know if it was he himself who found it or what. But he certainly organised its return.”

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