“The Teddy Bear is Back!”

On 19 June 2012, Tyra, the one-year-old daughter of Kristin Blomkvist, lost her beloved teddy bear in Stockholm, Sweden. Kristin searched for it, did not find it, and put up “Missing” posters in the neighborhood. Kristin said, “The teddy bear really means a lot to her. She can’t sleep properly at night without it, and she searches for it when she wakes in the morning.” The “Missing” posters say this: “Have you seen my teddy bear? I dropped it somewhere on Hantverksgatan on June 19th.” A local police officer saw one of the posters, took a photo of it, and uploaded it to the official Södermalm (a neighborhood in Stockholm) police Facebook page, along with a note asking people to look for the teddy bear: “Together, through ‘liking’ this picture, spreading the link, and keeping our eyes open, we can together make it so Tyra gets her beloved teddy bear back. Be sure to leave the bear at the nearest police station so Tyra can see her friend again!” One person posted a comment about police priorities, and the police posted this reply: “The article above [about the teddy bear] was written by an off-duty policeman, so the cost to us was zero. If we, through two minutes’ work, can help her get her friend back, we’d say it’s good prioritizing, don’t you think?” When it seemed as if the teddy bear would not be found, Södermalm police gave Tyra a replacement teddy bear. Kristin said about Tyra, “She was quite happy indeed; she really likes the new bear.” But then, more good news! The teddy bear was found. The Facebook page displayed these notes: “The teddy bear is back!!!” and “Tyra’s beloved teddy was found by someone engaged in the search party. The bear was found on a wall near Kungsholm Church, not far from the [place] where he disappeared, just like in many other cases” and “When we care and help out, we make a difference—that’s you, us, and everyone else.” The police wrote one final note in which they wished everyone “a really lovely summer!”

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