“My Car’s Totaled, But What are You Gonna Do in that Situation? You Can’t Just Drive By or Run the Gentleman Over. You have to Stop!”

In May 2010 in Dallas, Texas, two motorcyclists were racing at speeds of over 100 mph when one motorcyclist lost control, hit a car, and crashed. The motorcycle continued down the road for about a quarter of a mile without a driver. A Good Samaritan positioned his car to shield the injured motorcyclist, who was lying in the road, from traffic, but it was dark and early in the morning and a vehicle rear-ended the Good Samaritan’s vehicle, and then another vehicle rear-ended that vehicle. Dallas Police Lieutenant Jimmy Vaughan expressed sympathy for the Good Samaritan and said that he was doing the right thing by protecting the motorcyclist. Good Samaritan Mark Mansfield said, “My car’s totaled, but what are you gonna do in that situation? You can’t just drive by or run the gentleman over. You have to stop!” The motorcyclist was in stable condition.

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