“I am Amazed, and I’m Grateful. You’re a Blessing to Me”

Marylyn Thurmond, age 57, needed some repairs made to her Detroit, Michigan, home so that she could get around more easily. She has health problems, and she needs to use a seat-based walker. The steps leading to her house were crumbling, and she needed a wheelchair ramp so she could use an electric scooter. Thanks to a Good Samaritan who read about her in a Detroit Free Press article, she got a wooden wheelchair ramp and some repairs free of charge. The Good Samaritan is Malcolm Hazel, age 41, who owns ARM Property Maintenance. Mr. Hazel and his wife, Adrienne, have three children: Asia, Richard, and Malcolm. The business’ name comes from the first letters of the first names of the children. Ms. Thurmond said, “I’m just overwhelmed that somebody said they would help.” Mr. Hazel donated the materials for the ramp and the repairs, as well as his labor and the labor of one of his employees. In addition to building the wooden wheelchair ramp, they repaired the crumbling concrete steps and replaced some decrepit metal railings with sturdy wooden railings. Mr. Hazel said about his Good Samaritanism, “I just felt compelled. When you can do something for someone who appreciates it, it makes it worthwhile.” Ms. Thurmond said to Mr. Hazel, “I am amazed, and I’m grateful. You’re a blessing to me.”

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