“Miss Morgan: My Daughter Savannah Found Your Wallet at Bass Pro Shop in Hampton, Va. She was Sad that You Lost It, So We Mailed It to You. We Know You Missed It”

In March 2008, Morgan Armstrong, age four and a half, got her first official ID card at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Suffolk, Virginia. It even had her photograph and full name on it. Her brother, Sterling, age six, also got a new ID, which he put in a wallet. He loaned Morgan a Spider-Man wallet to put her new ID in. They visited some other places and all was well until Morgan discovered that she had lost her new ID and the Spider-Man wallet. Her mother, Chrissy Armstrong, said, “Morgan had been holding on to that thing so tight, it was amazing she was able to lose it.” But at one point she tucked her coat under her arm, and she may have lost the wallet then. The family thought that the wallet was gone forever, but three weeks later a package arrived for Morgan. The package had a Newport News, Virginia, return address. Inside was the Spider-Man wallet, the new ID, and all the money that Morgan had put in the wallet: one penny. Also inside was this note: “Miss Morgan: My daughter Savannah found your wallet at Bass Pro shop in Hampton, Va. She was sad that you lost it, so we mailed it to you. We know you missed it.” The note was signed Erica Press. Chrissy said, “Everything was just how she had left it. We were all just so amazed. These days, most people would have found it and said, ‘Oh, a new wallet for me.’” The Armstrong adults sent a thank-you note. She added, “My little girl is just learning how to write. My little boy is in kindergarten. But they both sat down and wrote thank-yous too.” In addition, the Armstrong family got Savannah gifts. Chrissy said, “We got her a little wallet with hearts on it and a purse with little princesses on it.” Morgan got one, too, so she can put her ID in it. Chrissy also said that the children’s father, Jason Armstrong, talked to them: “He explained … that she was extremely lucky, that this is not something she should expect if she loses anything else.” He also told them that should return to its rightful owner a wallet or other possession should they ever find one. Chrissy said, “I really do feel like it is something they will do.”

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