He Got SWAG: Confidence, Style, and the Ability to Come Out of What Everybody Else Thinks is the Normal Way Of Life

The stereotypical good deed is helping an old lady cross the street. It may be a stereotype, but it can be a good deed. This good deed happened in Russia on 17 July 2012.  An old lady with a cane and wheeled carrier was attempting to cross a four-lane street at a crosswalk. She had made it halfway across, but she could go no farther because cars were not stopping for her even though she was in a crosswalk. A male Good Samaritan stopped his car, got out, took the old woman’s wheeled carrier and her hand, and led her safely across the street, then got back in his car. The good deed took less than a minute. The person who posted video of this good deed titled it “SWAG.” Grace B., an Answer Expert, defines “SWAG” in this way: “What swag stands for depends on who you are talking to. Swag can mean many things. Everybody has their own style, but swag is a step above that. Swag is confidence, style, and the ability to come out of what everybody else thinks is the normal way of life. When somebody tells you that you have swag, it is a compliment. I have heard old people use the word ‘swag’; it has become a household word.”

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