“I Said, ‘Gidday, Mate, I Hear You’ve Lost Your Wallet,’ and He Starts Ranting and Raving. I Said, ‘Mate, I’m Really Pleased. Here It Is. I’ve Got It with All the Money in It’”

In June 2012, Tony Anderson, who is the director of Maddren Homes in Kumeu, New Zealand, found a wallet containing $1200 cash but no formal ID. Nevertheless, he was able to track down the wallet’s owner. Inside the wallet were two informal IDs: a Whitcoulls gift voucher and a boat club membership card for a man named Barry Kearney, a Te Atatu businessman who had dropped his wallet in the car park [parking lot] at Westfield West City, Henderson, Auckland. Mr. Anderson believes that he took Mr. Kearney’s recently vacated space and so found the wallet. Of course, Mr. Kearney was devastated to learn that he had lost his wallet, which contained relatives’ holiday spending money. He did get some teasing calls from family members about losing his wallet, and at first he thought that Mr. Anderson’s phone call was another teasing call. Mr. Anderson said about the phone call, “I said, ‘Gidday, mate, I hear you’ve lost your wallet,’ and he starts ranting and raving. I said, ‘Mate, I’m really pleased. Here it is. I’ve got it with all the money in it.’ This guy’s so excited. He didn’t even put the phone down—he starts yelling to his wife, ‘This guy’s got my flipping wallet.’” Mr. Kearny wanted to buy Mr. Anderson a drink immediately, but Mr. Anderson was working. Mr. Kearny did offer a substantial reward, but Mr. Anderson accepted only $50 and said, “I didn’t feel right taking the reward. So I used the money to shout [give] my staff some beers one night.” Mr. Anderson said about his good deed, “I’ve always been honest and straight up with people and why not?” Mr. Kearney believes in karma: “I like to think I give people a fair deal in my business and really, what goes around comes around.” He added, “I was the trusted family banker, but they’ll never let me do it again.”

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