“You Never Know When You Might Find Yourself in a Situation to Help Someone in Distress”

On 19 April 2012 in Pickens County, South Carolina, Michael Rowland left work and decided to take a different route home. Not far from his home, he saw what appeared to be a light flashing on and off in a house. He turned around and investigated and discovered that 81-year-old Veronica Bagwell had displaced her hip and needed help. He did not have a cell phone, but he was able to enter her home and use her phone to call 911. Ms. Bagwell’s daughter, Martha, said, “If this incident had happened 30 minutes to an hour later, after daylight, no one would have been able to see the flashing light. Seems as though he was sent that way for a special reason.” Pickens County Sheriff David Stone said, “It pays to always be observant of your surroundings, and Michael’s willingness to take a moment to stop and investigate the situation is a good example to us all. You never know when you might find yourself in a situation to help someone in distress.” Ms. Bagwell went to a hospital and is recuperating well.

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