Jimbo Says, “No Child Should Ever be Without a Bike in the Summer”

The son of Mary Hicks of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, was without a bicycle because it had been stolen, so while the two were shopping, he asked her if he could have a new bike. Unfortunately, she was forced to tell him that they could not afford it. Fortunately, a man named Jimbo was nearby, playing hockey in an aisle with a boy. Jimbo, a big man with tattoos, gave her $350 and said, “No child should ever be without a bike in the summer.” He then high-fived her son. Ms. Hicks wrote in a 31 July 2012 letter to the editor of The Chronicle-Journal (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada), “I am astonished at the kind-hearted, selfless action of this individual. It brings a tear to my eye. Our community is quickly sliding downhill with crime and, to be honest, when I saw this man approach I was nervous. It just goes to show you cannot judge a book by its cover and that there are still good people in this community. He genuinely seemed happy to see the smile and excitement he placed on my son’s face. His thoughtfulness of his country and city will not go unnoticed. I will be taking my son to a local bicycle shop and buying him a bike that was made in Canada. So to this mystery, kind citizen: from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.”

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