The Perfect Good-Luck Card for a St. Johnstone Soccer Club Fan

Neil Kirk, age 33, is a big-time fan of the St. Johnstone Soccer Club (the Saints), and when he got married to Nikki in August 2012 he named the tables at the wedding reception held at Oran Mor in Glasgow, Scotland’s west end after his top 11 favorite players. His friends spent two months tracking down the players and got Sergei Baltacha, Nick Dasovic, Roddy Grant, Alan Main, Steve Maskrey, Allan Moore, George O’Boyle, and Mark Treanor to sign a good-luck card for Neil. At a later date, Paul Kane and Alan Kernaghan will sign the card. Unfortunately, Don McVicar died in 2006. Rory McCracken, the friend who organized the surprise, said, “Neil’s face was a picture when we handed over the card. He’s a mad Saints fan and apart from tying the knot, it made his day.” Neil said, “The card rounded off what was a perfect day for us, and I was absolutely gobsmacked by the gesture.”

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