“She was Just Shaky. She Couldn’t Believe It was Returned. … She was So Glad to Get That Back. That Looked Like That was All the Money She Had”

On 1 September 2012, a woman in her 30s left a purple Coach wallet containing money in a portable toilet at the Frankfort Fall Festival in Frankfort, Illinois. Festival communications co-chair Bette Bulmer said, “I asked if it was like a hundred in cash. The girl said it was more like a thousand.” Shortly afterward, a woman in her 50s handed in the wallet to festival volunteer Sue Wolf. The woman declined to leave her name, saying that she did not want recognition for her good deed, although Ms. Wolf said, “I told her that [the woman who lost the wallet] will want to thank you.” The woman who had lost the purse picked it up, looked inside, and said that it looked like everything was there. Ms. Bulmer said, “She was just shaky. She couldn’t believe it was returned. … She was so glad to get that back. That looked like that was all the money she had.” She added, “I had goose bumps. I can’t believe that it was turned in.” In a comment on a story published in Patch (Mokena, Illinois), Sue Wolf wrote, “I was in the information booth when the lady frantically asked if a wallet had been turned in. I felt so bad for her and immediately prayed there is nothing lost with God. It gives me goose bumps as I write this. When that lady came up to me and said, ‘I found a wallet,’ I was overjoyed. I still have faith in people. I thank God every day for the blessings he does everyday.”

For More Information: Joe Vince, “Fall Fest Good Samaritan Returns Lost Wallet Containing Close to $1K.” Patch (Mokena, Illinois). 2 September 2012 <http://mokena.patch.com/articles/fall-fest-good-samaritan-returns-lost-wallet-containing-close-to-1k>.

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