M. Alice LeGrow is a creative person who has done many creative things, including the multi-volume gothic graphic novel series Bizenghast. To get money to eat, she works as a party princess. She dresses up in princess dresses and wigs and goes to little-girl parties. At one party for a three-year-old girl, the girl’s older sister, who was six or seven, really wanted the three-year-old to believe that Alice is a real princess. The older sister kept saying things such as these: “Wow Anna, it’s Cinderella! Can you believe it? Doesn’t she look JUST like Cinderella in your storybook? Isn’t that amazing? Look, she has real glass slippers—isn’t that so cool?” Alice is an artist, and she drew a cartoon of Anna as a little princess, and Anna’s older sister said, “Oh my gosh, Anna, it looks JUST LIKE YOU! Doesn’t it look SO MUCH LIKE YOU, and Cinderella looks JUST LIKE SHE DOES IN THE MOVIE AND YOUR BOOKS?” Alice wrote, “During the singing, she kept telling her sister how TOTALLY AMAZING I was and how I sounded JUST LIKE CINDERELLA AND ALSO TOTALLY WAS HER. She even went as far as to compliment my princess manners, how I walked and how I danced.” Alice added, “She was probably the best sister ever, totally focused on selling me as the real deal to Anna, who seemed happy enough to believe anything at that point, seeing as she was only three. I guess the sister, being a bit older than our usual kids, was past the point of believing I was the real Cinderella, but wanted very badly to make her kid sister believe I was, just to be sure the party was a success. It was the cutest thing, although like any small child, she kinda went a bit overboard.” The party was perfect, and Alice got a nice tip. (Always tip so that you avoid the Party Princess Stare.) The girls’ father complimented her, saying that she very much exceeded their expectations. Alice wrote, “I wanted to tell him he was probably just sold on his older kid’s awesome play-by-play.” Sometimes, Alice brings little dress-up costumes for children at larger parties. Sometimes, some of the girls at the parties are already wearing princess costumes, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to play dress-up with the new dresses, and they put a new dress on over the dress that they are already wearing. Alice wrote, “One time I saw a little girl struggling to put a Cinderella dress on, which was identical to the Cinderella dress she was already wearing. ‘Why don’t you pick a dress that’s different from the one you have now?’ I suggested. The little girl just kept forcing the second dress over her head. ‘Because this is my favorite dress,’ she said, smoothing the second Cinderella dress over the first one.” One rule that party princesses such as Ms. LeGrow follow is that they eat no food at parties because it messes up their lipstick. (Princesses can accept bottles of water, although they are not allowed to ask for water. Being a party princess can be hot work, so always offer your party princess a cold bottle of water. And always tip well.) Of course, incidents happen. At one party, a little girl thought that Rapunzel needed a cupcake. Rapunzel tried to distract her by putting a bib on her, but when Rapunzel put a bib on her the little girl shoved a cupcake into her face. At another party, a little birthday girl was really, really sad that the princess would not eat cake. After Ms. LeGrow left the party, she put her keys in her purse. Usually, her keys make a lot of noise when she does that, but that time the sound was muffled. She looked in her purse and discovered that the little birthday girl had put an unwrapped piece of cake in it so the princess could have a snack later.

Source: AssassinPrincess, aka M. Alice LeGrow, “The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Ask / Tell > Ask Me About Being A Birthday Party Princess.” 2012. <http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3502448&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=1>.

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Check out <http://malicelegrow.tumblr.com/post/29226028028/commissions-being-a-professional-artist-its&gt;. Also check out: <http://www.etsy.com/people/LuckyCrown>.

Also: AssassinPrincess, aka M. Alice LeGrow, “The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Ask / Tell > Ask Me About Being A Birthday Party Princess.” 2012. <http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3502448&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=17#post407923458&gt;.

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