“Where is My Lipstick?”

Prince William has rescued many people in his role as a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot. In August 2012, he rescued Darlene Burton, a woman from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, when she broke her leg while hiking along the Anglesey Costal Trail in Wales with her partner, Lawrence Oakley. At first, she did not recognize her famous rescuer, who was wearing a green jumpsuit and a helmet, but she joked that when she did recognize him, “I thought, ‘Where is my lipstick?’” The rescue was serious. She said, “I slipped and did a turn, and I could just hear the bone crack. I fell to my knees, and I knew right away what had happened. It was just like it happened in slow motion.” Mr. Oakley said, “It’s amazing how just one step can change everything, and from there on we were just spiraling into a crazy day.” Prince William also helped unload Ms. Burton at the hospital in Bangor, Wales. She said, “He was just on my side here. I could just look up and I could see him.” Prince William was very professional. Ms. Burton said, “It wasn’t like a meet [and] greet or anything. He had his helmet on, so he was basically covered. You knew it was him. I knew it was him.” At the hospital, she had surgery on her leg.

For Further Information: “Ontario woman recalls holiday rescue by Prince William.” CTV News (Canada). 27 August, 2012 <http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ontario-woman-recalls-holiday-rescue-by-prince-william-1.932455#ixzz26BAhEBaU>.

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