“So This Dyslexic Walks Into …”

A person who posts online using the name Ruttingirl tells a story about a caring educator: “Some back-story for you first. When I was a kid I had a really hard time in school and just couldn’t understand the work like everyone else could. Finally the school decided they should try and diagnose what was wrong with me and it was discovered that I have dyslexia. I was very upset and thought that I could never be as smart as everyone else in my super-genius family. The councilor was able to calm me down and let me know that with some therapy I could learn just as much as everyone else. He then told me that if anyone tried to make fun of my disability I could cut them off by making fun of the disability myself first. This is the joke he told me: ‘So this dyslexic walks into a bra….’”

For More Information: Ruttingirl, “THE PWOT HAPPINESS GENERATOR. General ‘Discussion.’” Cracked. 28 August 2012 <http://www.cracked.com/forums/topic/23218/the-pwot-happiness-generator/1900#ixzz26dWmxNnL>. 

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