“Here, Buddy, You Need These More Than I Do”

On 18 September 2012, Denise Campbell was riding a Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) Transit bus when she witnessed a remarkable good deed. At the corner of Portage and Main, the bus driver pulled over and jumped off the bus to talk to a homeless man, but the bus driver did more than that: The homeless man had no shoes, and the bus driver took off his shoes and gave them to the homeless man. Ms. Campbell wrote, “The bus was dead silent. I think we were all stunned and speechless. As we proceeded to our next stop, one of the passengers got up and said to the driver, that was the most amazing thing she had ever seen; and then she asked him, why did he do that? The bus driver answered because he couldn’t stand the thought of that poor man walking without shoes. Wow! No judgement; it was just, ‘Here, buddy, you need these more than I do.’”

For More Information: Denise Campbell, “Winnipeg Transit driver’s amazing act of kindness stuns passengers.” Community News Commons. 18 September 2012 <http://www.communitynewscommons.org/our-city/winnipeg-transit-drivers-amazing-act-of-kindness-stuns-passengers/>.

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