“I Want to Find Out Who His Mom and Dad Are. They’ve Done a Fabulous Job Teaching This Young Man Honesty”

On 29 August 2012 at the Molalla Safeway in Molalla, Oregon, a 16- or 17-year-old boy did a major good deed. Harold Hall, owner of Hall’s Barber Shop in Molalla, walked into his home, and his wife told him that someone had called to say that he had lost a moneybag at the Safeway. He was sure that the moneybag would be missing money, but everything was in the moneybag. Mr. Hall said, “I opened it up and every single penny was there. My checkbook was there—nothing was missing.” He said to the Good Samaritan who had turned in the moneybag, “I really want to thank you because you saved me a lot of trouble.” He tried to give the teenager a $20 gift card for McDonald’s, but the teenager said, “I can’t take that. It was your money, and you worked hard for it. You deserve to have it back.” The teenager’s first name was Gus, and he was Hispanic. Mr. Hall said, “I want to find out who his mom and dad are. They’ve done a fabulous job teaching this young man honesty.”

For Further Information: Bethany Monroe, “An honest act saves the day for local barber.” Molalla Pioneer(Molalla, Oregon). 30 August 2012


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