“I Hope They Live—the Ones We Got Out. I Hope They Don’t Ever Drive like that Again”

In December 2012, Jaime Campos witnessed a horrific crash that killed two young women in El Paso, Texas. He said, “We saw a car speeding like 100 miles per hour. More than 100 miles per hour.” The car went off the road and hit a tree. Mr. Campos said, “When I looked through my mirror, there was a huge fire, and we just heard a huge explosion.” He turned around and saw a young man standing by the wrecked car, which was burning. Mr. Campos said, “There was a guy just standing there in shock. He kept saying, ‘There’s four more. There’s four more.” Mr. Campos saw one man with his feet outside the car. Mr. Campos said, “So I pulled him out of the car by his feet, but it was so hot in there that I couldn’t do anymore. I burned my hands.” The man was still breathing, but he was unconscious. Mr. Campos and two other people pulled the man away from the burning car. Mr. Campos felt something. He said, “At first I thought it was a branch or something. But when I looked down it was a girl’s arm.” Police and firefighters arrived and took over. Mr. Campos said, “I hope they live—the ones we got out. I hope they don’t ever drive like that again.”

For Further Information: Kai Porter, “Bystander Pulls Man Out of Burning Car in Deadly Crash.” KTSM (El Paso, Texas). 29 December 2011; updated 19 January 2012 

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