“Then I See Her Beating on the Windshield, Crying, as I Get Close. She’s Begging Him to Pull Over. Not Only will He Not Look at Me, But He’s Not Even Paying Attention to Her”

A man and a woman had an argument, and the man ended up driving on Interstate 85 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, at 70 miles per hour with the woman on the hood of his Jeep SUV. Motorists called 911, and four cars boxed in the Jeep SUV and forced it to slow down and then stop. The woman was not physically injured—or dead. Witness Adam Marlatt said, “I did almost a quadruple take, to be honest with you.” He called 911. He added, “Then I see her beating on the windshield, crying, as I get close. She’s begging him to pull over. Not only will he not look at me, but he’s not even paying attention to her.” He paced the car, and other drivers did the same thing. Mr. Marlatt said, “We start motioning to each other, like can you believe this. One guy is showing me he’s taking pictures. He can tell I’m on the phone. And, I kind of mouthed to him, I’m on with 911.” After four cars boxed the driver in, they stopped the Jeep SUV. Mr. Marlatt said, “We went from 70, to 55, to 30, to 25 and we finally got him to pull over right at the Mall of Georgia headed toward Lawrenceville.” Police arrived and arrested the driver. Mr. Marlatt said, “It was like watching an episode of Cops right out your windshield. It was the craziest thing I’ve seen.”

For Further Information: Kerry Kavanaugh, “Police: Man arrested after driving with woman on car hood down interstate.” WSBTV (Atlanta, Georgia). 20 September 2012


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