Uplifting Stories

Reddit is a good source for uplifting stories. For example, in September 2012 Reddit writer BobbyBeanBagz wrote that he works in a supermarket. One day, his boss chewed him out in public. He writes that a four- or five-year-old girl came up to him, hugged his leg, and told him, “Don’t worry. You’re doing a great job.” He then asked Reddit members, “What interactions have you had with children that have convinced you that they are better than adults?” Reddit writer TirSimpot wrote about being a server in a restaurant. On a busy night, he approached a table of 10 people, but they ignored him and continued to talk among themselves. He repeated his greeting to them, trying to be efficient, and again they ignored him. Fortunately, a boy of eight or nine at another table yelled, “HEY, BE QUIET. HE’S TRYING TO TALK TO YOU!” TirSimpot wrote, “After that, they were the most polite and respectful table who immediately quieted down whenever I approached.” (Smartzie commented, “As someone who has been a server before, bless that child.”) And Philmond wrote, “According to my mum, when I was younger, I was visiting my great aunt’s house. She was suffering from cancer at the time, was undergoing radiotherapy, so had lost her hair. She was sensitive about this, and was never seen without a wig. On the day I was visiting I rushed upstairs to see her, and walked in on her without her wig on. She got very upset, and I couldn’t understand why. When my mum explained to me, I said (in front of my aunt), ‘But my daddy’s got no hair and I still love him’. She never cared about being seen without the wig again.” (Lissastrata commented, “Very cool, dude. Nice to see she never wigged out again.”) Here’s one more story (of thousands): Only_ceremony wrote, “It was the smallest interaction but I’ll always remember it. I was having a rough week: I was having problems with my then-husband, was broke, was working two minimum-wage jobs to pay my student loans, and was on the verge of tears. I was standing in Publix trying to decide if I could afford a couple of things and this little girl, probably around 5 or 6, ran up to me, tapped my arm, and blurted, ‘ITHINKYOU’REPRETTY!’ and ran away. I still think about her when I get sad sometimes.”

For Further Information: BobbyBeanBagz, “I Work at a Supermarket.” AskReddit. September 2012 


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