The Couponator

Rodney Osborne of Sunbury, Ohio, is the Couponator. He is a master at using coupons in such a way that he pays little or nothing for food and for personal-care items. He uses his skills at using coupons to pay it forward. In October 2012, Mr. Osborne said, “Instead of letting the coupons and deals go to waste, I get the items since they don’t cost me anything, or just a small fee, and I donate to organizations that can help out other families that were in the situation we were in.” One place he donates to is the Common Ground Free Store, which allows people to shop for free. Mr. Osborne used to shop there when he and his family were hurting financially. Lori Falk of the Common Ground Free Store said, “It is just the most wonderful feeling to know the community supports the community and that our shoppers become our volunteers and sometimes our volunteers become our shoppers.” The Osbornes had unloaded a van full of about $1,500 worth of food, personal-care items, and school supplies for the Common Ground Free Store. How much did Mr. Osborne have to pay in money? About $50.

For Further Information: Robyn Haines, “Sunbury Man Pays It Forward With Coupons.” NBC. 4 October 2012

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