Free Good Deeds EBook

The Kindest People: Be Excellent to Each Other (Volume 1)

By David Bruce

This book contains 250 stories about good deeds, including this one: On 5 September 2012, rapper Game helped a bicyclist who had crashed his bike and was lying in a Los Angeles, California, street with his bike on top of him. Game pulled his car over, and after finding that the bicyclist was unresponsive, he called 911. Game said, “I couldn’t just keep driving seeing a man in pain with his head on the ground.” Paramedics quickly arrived and took the bicyclist to a hospital. Game said, “If that was me in that situation, I’d want someone to do the same thing.”

Download free eBooks, including books for teachers, by David Bruce here:

More Free Books

The Kindest People: Heroes and Good Samaritans: Volumes 1-7

The Kindest People Who Do Good Deeds: Volumes 3-7

All of the stories that appear in my blog are in my books (or will be in a future book, God willing).

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