“I’ve Been Told a Few Times that I was Crazy, But I Can’t Stand By and See Someone Burn in a Fire. My Conscience Won’t Let Me”

On 8 April 2009, the neighbor of retired police officer Harry Fraser of Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada, knocked on his door and told him that her house was on fire. Mr. Fraser said, “I walked across the room to get the cordless phone and looked over and she was going back into the house. When I got to her house, I went in the front door and the living room was in flames. She was upstairs trying to get the dog to come out from underneath the bed.” Although the house was filled with smoke, he went after her to get her out of the house. He said, “I could hear her, but I couldn’t see anything. I tried to follow her voice, but I couldn’t detect where it was coming from.” Eventually, she came out of the bedroom and as they exited the burning house, the living-room window blew out. Mr. Fraser said, “We didn’t have 30 seconds to spare.” In September 2012, he was awarded a Nova Scotia Medal of Bravery. He said, “My head is just spinning. I just forgot about it. I never expected anything like this.” He added, “I’ve been told a few times that I was crazy, but I can’t stand by and see someone burn in a fire. My conscience won’t let me.”

For Further Information: Sueann Musick, “Trenton man honoured by province for brave deed.” The News (Nova Scotia, Canada). 3 October 2012 http://tinyurl.com/9t8fetd

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