Adam Woldemarim: Las Vegas Taxi Driver Who Returned $221,510 in Cash

On 2 September 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada, taxi driver Adam Woldemarim, a 42-year-old who is from Ethiopia, was cleaning a taxi when he found a black soft laptop case filled with $221,510 in cash. He turned in the money to the security office at Frias Transportation Management, which owns the company he works for: Virgin Valley Cab. A young man had won big gambling, and then had left the money in the cab. He was, of course, happy to get the money back, and he gave Mr. Woldemarim $2,000 as a reward. Alex “Baharu” Alebachew, age 50, one of Mr. Woldemarim’s friends, said, “It would have been nice if my good friend got more money, but I think the most important thing here is that a lot of people think foreign cabdrivers like us abuse tourists or they long haul their customers or we’re just here causing problems and we don’t belong here. They never see the good side to us, the honest side.”

For Further Information: Tom Ragan, “Honest Las Vegas cabdriver gets big tip for returning cash.” Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada). 8 October 2012

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