“Something Just Pulled Me to Keep Going—You’ve Got to Find that Ring”

In 2012, Sheryl and Bob Smith of Las Vegas, Vegas, Nevada, celebrated their 35th anniversary on the sands of Pensacola Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, Sheryl lost her wedding ring in the sand. She said, “We were getting ready to leave the beach and when I got ready to get up to take my beach shoes, the water shoes to shake them out, my ring slipped off.” The Smiths searched for an hour to find the wedding ring, but they could not find it. A German tourist named Markus Weise suggested that they ask a man with a metal detector for help. They kept searching, but eventually everyone except Mr. Weise gave up. Although Sheryl did not think that he would find her ring, she gave him a pamphlet from her church, Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, and said that he could contact her through the church. Sheryl said, “I remember praying to God that he would help us find it.” Mr. Weise said, “I felt like I was driven by something I really couldn’t recognize, something just pulled me to keep going—you’ve got to find that ring—so I kept on going even though it took a lot of time.” After two hours of searching, he found the ring. He said, “I almost gave up, but I found it 13-15 inches deep buried in the sand. It was just a little metal thing that ran through my fingers through the sand.” Mr. Weise then contacted the Smiths. Sheryl said, “I am so thankful that he is honest and loyal to contact our church. You don’t find people like that. I told him, you know this was all God, that God used him to find that ring. I felt God is real—he does answer prayers.”

For Further Information: Sandra Gonzalez, “Stranger finds lost wedding ring of Vegas couple in Florida sands.” KSNV (Las Vegas, Nevada). 11 October 2012; updated 12 October 2012


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