“Don’t Nobody Want to Run to Gunshots.” “But This Man [Eduardo Perez] Did?” “Yes, He Did, He Did”

On 5 October 2012 at the Cottonwood Apartments in Memphis, Tennessee, two men tried to rob and abduct a woman. Fortunately, Eduardo Perez, who speaks Spanish but not English, witnessed the robbery and came to her rescue. He was shot, but he prevented the two men from forcing the woman into a car. A witness said, “Don’t nobody want to run to gunshots.” A reporter asked, “But this man did?” The witness replied, “Yes, he did, he did.” Mr. Perez was shot; the bullet grazed his leg. The reporter asked a translator, “Can you ask him if he was scared or was he frightened?” The translator asked him, and then replied, “No, he is no scary.” Witness Timyara Harris said, “The man, I’m proud of him. He’s a hero. They were yelling in Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m pretty sure he was saying ‘Let her go’ and he hit him with a beer bottle and he got shot.” She added, “I’m pretty sure he would help us like he did this woman and I’m just happy she’s OK.”

For Further Information: Jerica Phillips, “Memphis ‘Good Samaritan’ comes to aid of woman in ambush robbery.” WMC (Memphis, Tennessee). 6 October 2012


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