“We Regret Having to Refuse Bill’s Request that We Deliver the Children’s Toys in the Millennium Falcon. It was Heartbreaking Having to Explain to Him that It’s Not Real”

An internet domain name can be deleted from the relevant domain name registry and network information center so that it no longer belongs to anyone. Some of the domain names are valuable. Tucows is a global Internet services company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that manages over 11 million domain names. It occasionally does the good deed of getting a valuable domain name into the possession of an individual or company who can use it. For example, when the domain name DarthVader.com was deleted, Tucows rescued it and donated it to George Lucas’ Lucasfilm Ltd. Bill Sweetman, a domain portfolio vice-president at Tucows, said, “Star Wars had a profound impact on me as a child. The moment I spotted DarthVader.com in a list of deleting domain names, I knew Tucows had to find a way to get this iconic domain name into the right hands. I knew I was its only hope.” Lucasfilm appreciated what Mr. Sweetman did. It made a donation to the Tucows Elves Project, which provides toys to children of low-income families in Toronto. Miles Perkins, a spokesman for Lucasfilm, said, “We’re thrilled to be the new owners of DarthVader.com. And we are even more excited about supporting such a worthy cause. We regret having to refuse Bill’s request that we deliver the children’s toys in the Millennium Falcon. It was heartbreaking having to explain to him that it’s not real.” Other domain names that the Tucows experts have rescued and donated to individuals and organizations include FreddieMercury.com and PhilCollins.com.

For Further Information: “Canadian Star Wars fan rescues Darthvader.com.” QMI Agency (Canada). 8 October 2012


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