“They were Overjoyed. Couldn’t Believe the Honesty”

On 22 October 2012, Gaynol Waugh, a T repairer, found a wallet containing $912 on a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus. He did the right thing and handed it in to the authorities. Mr. Waugh said, “Whether it be one dollar or a million, it’s not mine and [keeping it is] not the right thing to do. I’ve always felt that way.” He added, “It’s not my money and obviously it belongs to somebody, and I just wanted to make sure she got it back.” Kevin Graney, district superintendent at the Charlestown bus facility, returned the wallet and money to its rightful owner. He said, “They were overjoyed. Couldn’t believe the honesty.”

For Further Information: Melissa M. Werthmann, “MBTA employee returns wallet containing more than $900.” Boston Globe (Massachusetts). 23 October 2012


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