Don’t Bully Chy Johnson; Her Bodyguards are the Football Team

Chy Johnson, a 16-year-old special-needs student, suffers from a brain disorder called microcephaly. Her head is smaller than it otherwise would be, and her life expectancy is only 25 or 30 years instead of three score and ten years. Her brain disorder also made her the target of bullies at Arizona’s Queen Creek High School who threw trash at her. Chy’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson, learned about the bullying and contacted the school’s starting quarterback: Carson Jones. He and other members of the football team are now Chy’s protection against bullies. Elizabeth said, “I emailed Carson, told him that Chy was having some issues, was just wanting some names. He took it a step further and went and gathered Chy up at lunch and she’s been eating lunch with them ever since.” The bullying stopped as Carson, teammate Tucker Workman, and many other Queen Creek Bulldogs started looking out for Chy. Carson said, “I guess they’ve seen her with us or something.” Tucker said, “We’re doing good and everything for us is going well but someone else needs to feel good, too.” Chy called the Bulldogs “her team.” She added, “They save me because I won’t get hurt again. They’re not mean to me because all my boys love me.” As of 26 October 2012, the Bulldogs were undefeated.

For Further Information: Charlie Wells, “Undefeated Arizona high school football team lends bullied special-needs teen girl some tactical defense.” New York Daily News. 27 October 2012

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