“All I Kept Thinking was Somebody Somewhere was Having a Very Bad Day. That could be Somebody’s Rent or Damage Deposit or Both—Somebody Needed that Money for Something”

On 10 September 2012, Chelsey Walker, the manager of the Fairway Plaza McDonald’s restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, found an envelope of money next to a till. She said, “All I kept thinking was somebody somewhere was having a very bad day. That could be somebody’s rent or damage deposit or both—somebody needed that money for something. It’s definitely a lot of money, somebody would have had a great week, or a trip to Las Vegas or Mexico.” She turned in the envelope of money to the police, who commended her in a press release: “Police wish to publicly commend the McDonald’s staff member who turned the money in. Thank you for your honesty and integrity.” A few months previously, at another McDonald’s location in Lethbridge, Ms. Walker and her staff found a purse. It contained cash, a passport, and other items. The rightful owner got her purse back.

Source: “Lethbridge McDonalds staffer who turned in cash just being honest.” Calgary Sun (Alberta, Canada). 28 September 2012


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