M. Alice LeGrow Knows How to Talk to Kids

M. Alice LeGrow is a party princess; in other words, parents hire her to be Snow White or Cinderella or some other princess at parties for little girls. She definitely is a creative person and has a gift for being with kids. In 2012, she was going into a grocery store when a boy of about seven darted in front of her and said while staring at the ground, “You wanna buy some candy for my school?” He then handed her an order form. Ms. LeGrow got down on one knee to talk to him. She wrote, “One thing I’ve picked up from princessing is to always put myself at eye level with children, because it sets them more at ease and makes them feel more like equals in the conversation. Kids often feel small and powerless when an adult is looming over them at two to three times their height, so I try to remove that emotional barrier by getting down to their height to make them more comfortable.” She then said to him, “Well, I like candy a lot. I like that you got right in the way of me walking in the door, too—that’s some real initiative.” The boy was pleased by the praise and became visibly more confident—as well as audibly more confident as he made another pitch for the school candy drive. Ms. LeGrow said to him, “Well you know, I don’t have a lot of dough on me right now. Definitely not enough for a candy order. But here’s five bucks, cuz you really sold me on this pitch. I like your style, kid.” (She wrote, “I always talk like I have a mental 1940’s fedora on at all times, complete with words like ‘broads’ and ‘mack.’ I don’t know why.”) He took the $5 and gave it to his mother and then he did a good deed for her. Ms. LeGrow wrote that the boy “rushed over to hold the door for me, grinning like a maniac the whole time. Didn’t matter that it was an automatic sliding door, he still held the edge of it after it had opened and gestured me inside.” She added, “It means a lot to kids when you’re straight with them and you don’t talk to them like they’re idiots. They appreciate it more than you know. Kids aren’t stupid and they can tell when you’re speaking to them like you would to an especially clever pet poodle. So I guess that’s one of the reasons kids like me a lot. I don’t patronize them, no matter how young they are.” (By the way, M. Alice LeGrow’s superpower is being able to smile for 45 minutes straight while working as a party princess. Also by the way, she once wrote, “Little girl at a party today told me that dolphins smile all the time because they’re vampires. Seems like a legit argument.”)

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For Further Information: M. Alice LeGrow, “Entertainer vs. Parent.” Bizenghast.com. Accessed 31 October 2012.


Also: M. Alice LeGrow, “28 October 2012 Twit.” Twitter.

https://twitter.com/AssassinSparkle (Defunct)

http://birthdaypartyprincess.tumblr.com (Good Link)

Check out http://malicelegrow.tumblr.com/post/29226028028/commissions-being-a-professional-artist-its

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