“I Don’t Want to Die This Way. I Don’t Want to Die. Don’t Leave Me”

On 3 November 2012 in San Antonia, Texas, off-duty police officer Sergeant Jesse Garcia rescued two teenaged females—one 17 and one 19—from a burning car on Loop 1604 near Sulfur Springs Road. He was the first person on the scene. Sergeant Garcia said, “And I heard her saying that ‘I don’t want to die this way. I don’t want to die. Don’t leave me.’ So I just grabbed her, and when I stuck my head in there and saw that she was trapped, I tried to get some air and she said, ‘Don’t leave me.’ I said, ‘I’m not leaving you, I just need some air.’ And I got out and went back in there, and that’s when it got a little worse. I felt my shoulder catch on fire, and I could hear the crackling of the helmet.” He was wearing a motorcycle helmet—something that he credits with preventing him from being burned more badly. The two females were in critical but stable condition at a hospital.

For Further Information: Robert Price, “Police Officer Honored For Rescuing Teens.” KABB (San Antonio, Texas). 5 November 2012


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