“You Were an Amazing Mum, Fun, Cool and Very Unnormal. You’re My Hero—It was Really Brave to Save My Beautiful Sisters’ Lives”

In October 2012 in Cardiff, South Wales, Karina Menzies, a 31-year-old hero mother, threw her daughters—Ellie, age eight, and Tiana, age 23 months—out of the path of a hit-and-run driver—but she became the victim of the hit-and-run driver and died on 19 October 2012. On 9 November 2012 she was buried in Cardiff. At her funeral, her brother Craig said, “She’s being buried in a leopard-print coffin. That was her style, and she would have loved knowing we kept it going for her final goodbye.” Her three girls, including 11-year-old Sophie, attended the funeral service. Tiana was hurt in the accident; she was in a wheelchair. Sophie, who was away on a vacation at the time of the accident, wrote this tribute to her mother: “You were an amazing mum, fun, cool and very unnormal. You’re my hero—it was really brave to save my beautiful sisters’ lives.”

For Further Information: Ben Rankin, “Karina Menzies: Fashion-mad mum killed in hit-and-run rampage is buried in leopard skin-patterned coffin.” 9 November 2012


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