Marilyn Horne Autograph

Following a recital in Boston, Massachusetts, by soprano Marilyn Horne, a woman with a seeing-eye dog asked Ms. Horne to autograph her program. First, however, Ms. Horne asked about the seeing-eye dog and whether she could pat him. The blind woman replied, “It’s a her. Her name is Gloria, and sure, you can pat her.” Ms. Horne patted Gloria, and then she signed the program. A little later, the blind woman and a friend came back, and the friend asked Ms. Horne to re-sign the program. Ms. Horne looked at the program and saw that she had written, “Dear Gloria, Many thanks for being with me today. Sincerely, Marilyn Horne.” Ms. Horne commented, “It may be the only time a dog has received an autograph.”

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