“A Lot of People are Either Too Afraid to Help or They Just Don’t Know How. It Just Means a Lot that Someone was Willing to Help Me”

On 5 February 2013, Mikaela Christianson was involved in a multi-vehicle accident as she drove on Highway 14/61 in La Crescent, Minnesota. She said, “It just happened so fast. I just remember being in pain.” Her arm was badly broken. She said, “Now I have 11 screws and a plate in there. I have to wear a cast for a month, then I’ll have another cast put on, also for a month, and then I’ll get a splint for a few weeks after that.” A mystery woman helped her: “When I was screaming, a woman opened up my passenger door. She turned off my car to make sure nothing else would happen, and she was holding my wrist, telling me everything would be OK. She told me she was a nurse. She comforted me, and she called my parents for me.” Mikaela’s father, Mark Christianson, said, “To get a call like that and find out your kid’s been in some sort of accident, it’s pretty scary.” In all the confusion, no one got the mystery woman’s name, but both Mikaela and her father had messages for her when they appeared on WXOW (La Crosse, Wisconsin). Mark Christianson said, “Thank you for taking care of my daughter.” Mikaela said, “I just really want to say thanks to her because a lot of people are either too afraid to help or they just don’t know how. It just means a lot that someone was willing to help me, and I hope that some day if I’m in a situation like that I’ll help somebody, too.”

For Further Information: “Onalaska Teen Searching for Anonymous Good Samaritan.” WXOW (La Crosse, Wisconsin). 25 February 2013.


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