“She was an Angel to Me. She’s My Hero”

In January 2013, Elias Uribe lost control of his 18-wheeler as rain made Interstate 30 slick near downtown Dallas, Texas. He crashed, and his truck caught on fire. He could not get out because his door was jammed shut—the fire was inches away from him. He said, “Probably 30 seconds more, and I would have caught on fire.” A stranger saved his life. Mr. Uribe said, “And then in the distance I could hear a woman screaming, ‘Can you get out? Are you OK? Can you get out? It’s burning.’” The woman was Terry Sims, who was driving by on her way to work. She said, “I came around, and I saw flames coming from underneath the trailer, so I pulled him out of the truck.” Mr. Uribe said, “She was an angel to me. She’s my hero.” Ms. Sims said, “He was in the truck, and the door wouldn’t open. We had to pull him out the window. I was just so scared it was going to blow.” Mr. Uribe said, “I could barely walk, but I leaned on her and she pulled me all the way.” Fire quickly engulfed the cab of the truck. Mr. Uribe has three children: Eliazar, age eight; Elizabeth, age 10; and Elias Jr., age 12. Their mother died in a car crash in May 2012. Mr. Uribe said about Ms. Sims, “I’d like to thank her very much. I don’t have words to say.” He added, “More than ever, you don’t know how fragile life is.”

For Further Information: Scott Gordon, “Truck Driver on Good Samaritan: ‘She Was An Angel to Me.’” NBC (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas). 10 January 2013 <http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Truck-Driver-on-Good-Samaritan-She-Was-An-Angel-to-Me-186248742.html>.

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