Tom Mabe, Roman Atwood, and Dennis Roady: Pizza for the Homeless

Tom Mabe, Roman Atwood, and Dennis Roady enjoy playing pranks; one prank involved feeding the homeless. Mr. Mabe pretended to be a police sergeant when he called a pizza place and ordered a pizza to be delivered to two “undercover agents” who were actually two homeless people. He paid for the pizza with his credit card, and 30 minutes later the three pranksters watched as the pizza place delivered a pizza to the two homeless people. By the way, Mr. Mabe has videos of funny pranks on YouTube: <>. Also search YouTube for videos featuring Roman Atwood and/or Dennis Roady. 

For Further Information: “Pranksters Anonymously Order Pizza For Homeless Couple.” Viralviralvideos. 27 January 2013 <>. Also: “Feeding the Homeless Prank.” YouTube. 21 January 2013 <>.

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