“I Can’t See a D*** Thing Wrong with Him [Pauses] or His Boyfriend”

At a restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, two young gays who made up a couple were regulars. One day, an older, conservative-looking man walked in and saw the couple. One member of the couple was uncomfortable and looked down to where he was holding his partner’s hand. It turned out that the older man was the younger man’s boss, and the younger man had not outed himself as gay at work. The older man said to his employee’s boyfriend, “I’m Mike, James’ boss. Very nice to meet you. We all love James in the office.” He then went to the Take-Out area and said to the employee who waited on him and who wrote up this story for the Not Always Right website about customers, some good and some bad, “You know … when I was growing up, I was taught that being gay was bad, a sin. But that young man is the brightest kid I’ve ever known, and I can’t see a d*** thing wrong with him [pauses] or his boyfriend.” The older man also paid for the meals of James and his boyfriend. The restaurant employee wrote, “To this day, I can’t think about the look on James’ face when I told him that his boss paid for his nearly $100 meal without [my] wanting to cry.”

For Further Information: “This Boss Gets More Than Just The Check.” Not Always Right. Accessed 12 March 2013.


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