The Thief Even Stole a Bible

The daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren of Doris Thompson of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, came home on Christmas Eve 2012 to find that thieves had burgled them. Ms. Thompson said, “Someone had broken into their home and unwrapped their gifts, stole what they wanted, and went into their bedrooms and also stole articles from there. They were devastated that someone would do that to them at any time, let alone Christmas Eve. Their Christmas was ruined.”
The thief even stole a Bible. Ms. Thompson said, “On Christmas Eve [after the break-in] the officers took time to assure the grandchildren they were safe. They came in and they stayed and spoke with them. The youngest grandchild [a four-year-old boy] was really upset […] The police were really good with the family. One police officer told the grandchildren about how they can’t let bad people scare you like that. My youngest grandchild took it the hardest. He couldn’t understand why somebody would come in the house and do that.”
On Christmas evening, six Sault Ste. Marie police officers brought gifts to the family. One of the officers was dressed like Santa. Outside the family’s house, five police cruisers flashed their lights. Ms. Thompson said, “That was my youngest grandchild’s favorite part.” Earlier, on Christmas morning, friends of the family had come with gifts. Gifts from the police came from Canadian Tire; Sault Ste. Marie police had asked the business to open up the store for them on Christmas Day. Police bought gifts for the children, and Canadian Tire donated gifts for the parents. Ms. Thompson said, “There were gift cards, Lego toys, and remote control toys for the grandchildren, and for the parents a coffee maker, and a soap-making kit.” The father of the family said, “For the police, the main focus was on the kids, but they focused on all of us. I broke down and cried when I saw the gifts.” He added, “We’re grateful to the police and to Canadian Tire for their involvement; they deserve to be recognized, along with friends of the family who brought gifts Christmas morning.” Ms. Thompson said, “On Christmas Eve the family had tears of sorrow, and on Christmas night they experienced tears of joy, they were so overwhelmed. They’re all very grateful for the compassion; we’ll never forget the kindness. This was above and beyond the call of duty. This family will never forget Christmas 2012.”

For Further Information: Darren Taylor, “The worst, and best Christmas ever (tear-jerker alert).” 3 January 2013

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