“Everyone Loves Jessica”

While walking to Tremont Elementary School in Dixon, California, Jessica Gutierrez, age seven, found a pouch that was stuffed with hundreds of dollars. She turned in the wallet at her school, the wallet’s rightful owner was found, and the wallet’s rightful owner gave her a cash reward. Moreover, the town of Dixon decided to do something more for Jessica. On 21 March 2013, a white, stretch limousine from the Bryan-Baker Funeral Home gave her a ride to school — the Dixon Police Department gave her a “lights-flashing” escort. She got to meet Canine Officer Kevin Szmurlo and his German Shepherd, which is named Fero. Her school class ate pizza from Mary’s Pizza Shack for lunch. Cattleman’s Restaurant gave Jessica and her siblings t-shirts; they get a free meal whenever they wear the t-shirts at Cattleman’s Restaurant. Jessica got a free lifetime pass to the World’s Largest Corn Maze, and Cool Patch Pumpkins gave Jessica and her family free pumpkins for life. Cool Patch owner Mark Cooley said, “As long as we grow pumpkins, Jessica’s family members will have their names on them.” Dixon Police Chief Jon Cox said, “Jessica showed everyone that honesty really is the best policy, and that is a great lesson for the children. Actually, it’s a great lesson for everyone. We honor her good deed.” Tremont principal Adriane Laughter (pronounced “Lodder”) said,  “We are so proud of Jessica. When we told her about the limo, Fero the dog, and a pizza party that will be held in her honor, our quiet little student didn’t say much.  But she was grinning ear to ear.” Bryan-Baker Funeral Home has started a college fund for Jessica. Chris Donhost, Bryan-Baker manager, said, “I can’t believe how many leaders in our town have jumped on the bandwagon to help her. Everyone loves Jessica.”

For Further Information: Bill Lindelof, “City, businesses thank Dixon girl who turned in lost wallet in a big way.” The Modesto Bee (Modesto, California). 21 March 2013


For Further Information: Ann Fogarty, “Girl Returned Hundreds of Dollars; Dixon Will Celebrate Her Honesty Thursday.” Dixon Patch (Dixon, California). 21 March 2013


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