“In a World Full of People Looking Out for Themselves, I Wanted To Prove that There are Actually People Who Care Enough to Do the Right Thing”

Engineer David Brown lost his wallet on the side of Highway 90, near Houma, Louisiana. Fortunately, in March 2013 two Grambling State University (Louisiana) students — Alexandria Smalls and Duvar Retherford — found and returned his wallet to him. The wallet contained $378, ID, and credit cards. Mr. Retherford, a senior sociology major, said, “Once his identity was found, we had a moral obligation to locate him.” Alan Blakeney, who is director of Grambling State University’s TV Center, and the two students had been in Houma, Louisiana, filming a rodeo. On their way back to the university, Mr. Retherford saw money blowing around on the highway near Houma. Investigating, they found the wallet. Mr. Blakeney called Mr. Brown, and Mr. Blakeney, Ms. Smalls, and Mr. Retherford met him and gave him his wallet and money. Mr. Brown offered the two students a reward, which they declined. Mr. Blakeney said, “With so many negative stories in the public realm these days, this incident is a positive statement about our students’ values and a great reflection on this institution.” Ms. Smalls, a senior mass communication major, said, “In a world full of people looking out for themselves, I wanted to prove that there are actually people who care enough to do the right thing.”

For Further Information: Trent Brown, “GSU [Grambling State University] Students Recognized for a Good Deed.” Grambling State University Media Bureau. 18 March 2013


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