“When I Think About It, I Get All Choked Up Because I Didn’t Think I Would See This Ring Again”

In March 2013, Susan Hrabliuk’s lost wedding ring was returned to her several weeks after she had lost it on a street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The ring was a combination engagement ring, wedding band, and first anniversary ring — all of which were soldered together. She said, “I thought my ring was gone.” However, she looked at the lost-and-found ads on Kijiji (a free classifieds site). There she saw an ad for a ring found on Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg and telephoned the number given in the ad. Rhonda Friesen answered the phone, and the two woman arranged for a video chat later that day. Ms. Hrabliuk said, “I couldn’t believe it! Here she is holding up my ring. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it.” Ms. Friesen’s 13-year-old son, Noah Gagawchuk, and some friends had found the ring in a snowbank. Ms. Friesen said that one of Noah’s friends “didn’t think it was worth anything so he tossed it at Noah, and Noah looked at it and put it in his pocket and brought it home.” He told his mother, Ms. Friesen, about the ring, and they took out an ad to find its rightful owner. Ms. Hrabluk gave Noah a $200 reward for returning the ring. She said, “When I think about it, I get all choked up because I didn’t think I would see this ring again.”

For Further Information: “Manitoba boy returns wedding ring to owner via online ad.” CBC News (Manitoba). 25 March 2013; updated 26 March 2013


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