Crosswalk Madness

On 3 November 2006, students at Austin High School in Austin, Minnesota, took advantage of an unusual architectural and geographical feature of the school to pull an impressive prank. Two buildings of the school are across a street from each other. Students get from one building to the other either by using a street crosswalk or an underground tunnel. Ninety-four juniors kept traffic stopped for ten minutes as they crossed the crosswalk and then used the underground tunnel and crossed the crosswalk again—over and over. Look for the student dressed in a chicken costume and the student dressed in a cow costume. The video ends with the comment, “Everyone seemed to enjoy the prank. … Well, almost everyone.” In a comment on the video, Chris Payne wrote, “‘Everyone seemed to enjoy the prank.’ … unless one of the people waiting in the vehicles was trying to get home with explosive diarrhea.”

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