“I Think It was Something Anybody Should Have Done. I’m Just Happy the Girl is OK”

In December 2012, Paige Jackson, a seventh-grader at North Whidbey Middle School on Whidbey Island, Washington, saw a student who was injured when a pickup truck struck her while she was in a crosswalk on Whidbey Avenue. Paige ran to the student and comforted her until emergency helpers arrived. The truck driver stopped and also stayed with the injured girl. Paige put her jacket over the injured girl, held her hand, and talked to her. Paige said, “I just wanted to keep her talking and not lose consciousness.” She also asked a student to dial 911. In March 2013, the Islands Chapter of the American Red Cross gave Paige a Youth Hero award. North Whidbey Middle School Principal Bill Weinsheimer nominated Paige for the Red Cross honor. Before making the nomination, he talked to the first responders. Principal Weinsheimer said, “They took notice and were really impressed by Paige’s composure and ability to do the right thing.” Paige said, “I think it was something anybody should have done. I’m just happy the girl is OK.”

For Further Information: Nathan Whalen, “Oak Harbor teen recognized for good deed.” Whidbey News-Times (Coupeville, Washington). 26 March 2013


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