“I had Just Cashed a Check for a Little Over Six Thousand Dollars”

One of the worst times to lose your wallet is just after you cash a large check. Rebecca Mireles did just that in early 2013. She said, “I had just cashed a check for a little over six thousand dollars.” She added, “I went shopping and I was putting my stuff in the back of my car and I just left it in the front of my basket — pushed it into the car rack.” Of course, when she lost her wallet while grocery shopping at the Wal-Mart off Loop 289 and Quaker in Lubbock, Texas, she also lost valuable papers such as her children’s birth certificates and social security cards. Ms. Mireles said that when she realized that she had lost her wallet, “Oh, my God, I freaked! I pulled over at Target and started digging through everything.” Fortunately, an unidentified Good Samaritan found her wallet and turned it in at Wal-Mart. Ms. Mireles said, “He did not take anything — everything was still there. I am beyond blessed — God was really looking out for me.” She added about the Good Samaritan, “I would just thank him so, so much for being so honest and just turning it in without any hesitation.”

For Further Information: Meredith Hillgartner, “Good Samaritan Returns Woman’s Wallet and $6,000 Dollars.” Everythinglubbock.com (Lubbock, Texas). Updated: 8 February 2013


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