A Bad Samaritan Who is a Bad Teacher

Of course, in this blog, readers expect to read about Good Samaritans finding lost wallets and turning them in; unfortunately, not everyone is a Good Samaritan. In January 2013, seminary student Joseph Smith dropped his wallet at a Kohl’s department store in Fayeteville, Georgia, as he folded up a baby stroller after shopping with his wife and their new baby. Mr. Smith said, “Of course I didn’t see it, it was pouring down rain, and I was hustling to get everything in the car.” He went back to Kohl’s the next day and looked at the store’s surveillance video, which showed a Caucasian woman finding the wallet. Mr. Smith said that the woman in the video “kind of stops, looks down, picks up the wallet, then walks into the next set of doors standing in front of the entrance. She opens up the wallet and starts handing out what’s in it to her kids. There was about $100 cash and 200 to 300 dollars in gift cards.” He added, “What really gets me is I can see an adult doing it, it’s just kind of the world we live in, but when you have your two kids with you. … To set that kind of example, to say here not only is [it] ok to pick it up but let’s go through it, let’s take what’s in it, and then not even turn it in.” The video appeared on TV and on the internet. All of us should be grateful for Good Samaritans who return lost wallets.

For More Information: Victoria Cavaliere, “Woman finds lost wallet in Georgia Kohl’s, hands out money to her kids instead of turning it in.” New York Daily News. 9 January 2013


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