“Britain’s Kindest Security Guard”

Gareth Gore, a security guard who is employed by security firm Securitas and is stationed in Marks and Spencer in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, helped an old-age pensioner who was suffering from dementia to locate his wife. Mr. Gore saw the pensioner wandering around outside the store in the town centre of Bolton. Mr. Gore talked to the pensioner and then looked for the pensioner’s wife in the town centre. Because he could not find her, he called the police and discovered that she had been taken to Bolton Royal Infirmary following a fall. Mr. Gore’s work shift was done, and he drove the pensioner to Bolton Royal Infirmary. He waited for an hour for the pensioner’s wife to be released, and then he drove the couple back to their car in Bolton’s town centre. Chloe McGuirk, a senior manager at Securitas, said, “We are proud to have Gareth as one of our security officers. It takes a very genuine and compassionate person to go out of their way to assist in the way he did. I am sure this couple and their family, along with Securitas, will never forget what he did.” Mr. Gore said, “I am surprised, yet thrilled that my instinct to help has led to such an accolade. I am just happy that I was there on the day to be able to give assistance.” In April 2013, an article in the Manchester Evening News called Mr. Gore “Britain’s kindest security guard.”

For Further Information: Yakub Qureshi, “Britain’s kindest security guard.” Manchester Evening News (UK). 2 April 2013


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