“To Whoever the Beautiful Soul is That Put a Trash Bag Over My Open Window in the Rain”

In April 2013, Reddit user Tylahstevahn wrote a post with this heading: “To whoever the beautiful soul is that put a trash bag over my open window in the rain: I offer you a very sincere thank you!” His post included a photo of the note that the anonymous Good Samaritan had left behind: “Left your window down, been there [and] thought I would help!” In his answers to some of the comments on his post (some Redditors were suspicious because the note and the garbage bag and the car were not wet), Tylahstevahn wrote about the circumstances of the good deed in more detail, “I left my car and rode the bus, so my car was sitting in the parking lot in the sun long after the rain had stopped.” … “The window was open, so the person opened the door and then closed it on the bag leaving it hanging over the window.” … “For anyone wondering about the validity, I’ll explain a little better. The back window was left down the night before. I live in a residence hall at my university and took the bus to campus from my room, so I didn’t use my car. It rained that night into the morning and it was raining when I left at 10 am. I got back at almost 5 pm and that’s when I saw this. It had stopped raining for a while and the sun had come out, drying the note and the bag.” He also wrote that he has a Honda Civic. Redditor user ThgeInnocents, who apparently lives next door to Tylahstevahn, backed him up: “While I can assure you that OP [Opening Poster] does infact look like a 14 year old prepubescent Ellen Degeneress, he is being honest. It rained earlier in the day when he took the bus to campus amd by the time he returned mid-afternoon it was a sunny 81 degrees outside.” In an interesting comment, Reddit user SuperDiglett joked, “wow, how nice! i would have drove your car to a nice safe dry small garage and leave with $2,000 in my pocket.”

For Further Information: Tylahstevahn, “To whoever the beautiful soul is that put a trash bag over my open window in the rain: I offer you a very sincere thank you!” Reddit. April 2013


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