“I have a Soft Spot for Kids with No Funds to Play, Kids that Can’t Afford to Do What They Want to Do”

Justin Harrington, owner of GM Tree Service, helps kids to play ball at the Leominster American Little League field in Leominster, Massachusetts. In 2013, he sponsored four children to play baseball: one player from each of four divisions, from T Ball to the Major League. Mr. Harrington said, “I have a soft spot for kids with no funds to play, kids that can’t afford to do what they want to do.” He added, “I grew up with parents that were divorced, and we didn’t have much at all. Now I have a successful business, and can afford to help out. There is nothing like seeing a kid happy and no price you can put on to see a kid smile.” Rob Lora, president of Leominster American, is impressed by what Mr. Harrington is doing: “This guy is paying out of his own pocket for these kids to play.” Mr. Harrington said, “I would rather see the kids here on the baseball field than sitting home playing video games, or hanging out looking to get into trouble.” Mr. Harrington also donates to fundraising events to fight cancer. He said, “My trucks are all painted pink for cancer awareness.” The boys Mr. Harrington is helping are Tanner Martin, Kyron Hobdy, Domenic Swaine, and Will Vargo. Tanner, age six, who plays t-ball, said, “I’m a Red Sox fan.” Kyron Hobdy, a minor leaguer, said, “I like catching, and I played left field at practice.” Domenic Swaine, who plays instructional ball, said that he is “very excited to play baseball this year.” Will, a first baseman, said, “I watch the timing of the ball, and I like to help teach my younger cousins. I like to help the younger kids coming along.” Mr. Lora said, “What Justin has done lets other kids who may not have the chance to play to be out there having fun, too. I can’t say enough about this.”

For Additional Information: Diane C. Beaudoin, “BIG generosity warms little hearts.” Leominster Champion (Leominster, Massachusetts). 19 April 2013


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