“One Final Present to Mommy from Daddy”

Reddit user Seek_the_heights has a friend whose father died in January 2013 a little before his 25th wedding anniversary. He had picked out a ring to give to his wife. After he died, his children began to make payments on the ring so that they could give it as a surprise to their mother. After a couple of months of making payments on the ring, they received a telephone call saying that someone had anonymously paid off the balance owed on the ring. Seek_the_heights’ friend posted a photo of the ring on Imgur.com and wrote, “We were kissed by an angel. This was one final present to mommy from daddy.” Seek_the_heights wrote about her friend, “She’s since graduated but was really involved in high school and her whole community. I was on the same cheerleading team as her and the entire organization knew her dad because he was an awesome guy. […] a lot of people care about the family. […] A bit of background on the family. All the kids are in their late teens or early twenties and the dad was the sweetest man you could meet. He actually was a mall Santa during the Christmas season — he had an awesome beard and kind heart. […] Mind you, my friend and her siblings are all in their teens and early 20s. She said that they would have been paying off this ring for quite a while. Thank you to whoever did this!!”

For Further Information: Seek_the_heights, “Thanks to an anonymous donor, my friend’s newly-widowed mother got one last gift from her husband.” Accessed 21 April 2013.


Also: Seek_the_heights, “An anonymous donor’s act of kindness for my friend’s newly-widowed mother.” Accessed 21 April 2013.


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