Source of Photo: http://imgur.com/a/tvS1V#yGgkzK8

Reddit user Bushytailswisher has a 12-year-old daughter named Eliza who likes an illustration depicting Chainsaw Panda that was created by an artist at the online youth-oriented clothing store “Pause Designs — Malls Suck, Support Underground.” Eliza wanted to use the design on a T-shirt with the words “CHAINSAW PANDA. BE AFRAID … BE VERY AFRAID” written on it. Many people nowadays would probably simply pirate the illustration, but Eliza emailed Eric at Pause Designs on 23 March 2013 and asked for permission to use the illustration: “Dear Mr. Eric, My name is Eliza and I am 12 years old. I live in America. I am emailing this to you because your drawing is pretty fricking amazing. If a bacon t-rex came up to me with a sandwich, I would give him your design. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, I was wondering if I have permission to use it. You know, because it’s awesome. I wanted to include it on a t-shirt that is my favorite color. I also included some text on it that said “chainsaw panda.” I am in no way going to sell or advertise this t-shirt because, you know, I’m 12. The only thing I can do is make toast. Please send a reply with an answer ASAP. Again, I’m only 12. Eliza.” Eric gave her permission to use the illustration in a charming email dated 24 March 2013: “Hey Eliza, I’m glad you like the Chainsaw Panda drawing so much! A t-shirt in your favourite colour would be pretty cool, but if you really want to make your friends jealous, may I suggest a gigantic Chainsaw Panda tattoo instead? Maybe one on each bicep. Yeah. Then, when you’re old enough to drive, you can just flex your arm outside the car window and (I’m assuming) everyone will get out of your way! Cool, right? The possibilities are endless really. You could probably get into movies for free, stay outside longer at recess, get all those sweet snacks the other kids get packed in their lunches at school, all just by flashing those kids a Chainsaw Panda tattoo or two. Not too shabby. Alternatively, if your parents say no to the tattoos, it’s alright with me if you make a shirt with the panda on it. […] You can make toast?! Eric.” By the way, the Pause Designs website has a FAQs section that includes these questions and answers (and more questions and answers): “How can I pay? We can accept payment/credit cards via Paypal. Please send your order to Contact@pausedesigns.com. In addition, we also accept payment by mailed-in cheque, gold coins, money order or well concealed cash.” “I want a tattoo of some of your artwork. Is this okay with you guys? Absolutely. But we definitely want pics of it when it’s all finished.”

For Further Information: Bushytailswisher, “Artist awesomely grants my 12 year old permission to use his design.” Imgur. 25 April 2013


Also: “Pause Designs — Malls Suck, Support Underground.” Accessed 26 April 2013.


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